Dairy separators, used, rebuilt, with warranty

dairy centrifuges
dairy centrifuges
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dairy centrifuges

Cream separator (milk separator), bactofuge, clarifier
and decanter from Westfalia Separator, Alfa Laval,
Flottweg and Siebtechnik

dairy centrifuges

Our product range:

We are specialised in the supply of second-hand cream separator (milk separator), bactofuges, clarifiers and decanters for the dairy industry. These dairy centrifuges from Westfalia Separator, Alfa Laval, Flottweg and Siebtechnik are totally rebuilt by us and are delivered with warranty. This ensures you of the highest level of reliability and an outstanding price/performance ratio of the centrifuges. The PLC control units supplied with the machines are generally newly manufactured and can be easily integrated into existing central control systems.

Thanks to this approach, second-hand dairy separators become of interest to any dairy plant. Our satisfied customers, both the small regional milk producers and the global players with numerous production locations at home and abroad, can confirm this.

Talk to us. Take advantage of our more than 40 years experience!

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We are also interested in buying your centrifuges that are no longer in use!

Available centrifuges

Stocklist Separators

Stocklist Decanters

Fields of application

Cream separators for skimming of milk and whey

Bactofuges/Bacteria removing separators for cheese milk and consumers milk

Clarifiers for clarification of milk and whey

Special processes

Dairy separators for the production of quark, cream cheese and double cream cheese

Dairy separators for the production of butteroil

Decanters for the production of casein

Decanters and worm/screen centrifuges (type Conturbex) for the production of lactose

centrifuges centrifuges
centrifuges centrifuges

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